part 1: The journey

In this movement of our lives we can see our miracles.

My father, Larry Boote, had cancer, surgery and a near death experience.  He passed away three years after his surgery to remove the cancer.  Many years later my mother, Clara Boote, lost her arm in a car accident. Sometimes it is in the darkness of our lives that we see our reason to look up to heaven. Even in our darkness we find that God is there.


The following passage comes from the book, Chapter I-6 The Accident...

Sometimes people make bad choices and those choices can make life tragic. Our ideas about why these tragic events happen to us in life can get twisted. Finding God and understanding the why is not always easy...

My mother was on the way to the mall after finishing her day at the Hebrew School. It was a little after 4 pm on a Friday afternoon. The man who hit her was from a town in Alberta called Hobbema; he was of no fixed address and had already lost his driver’s license for drinking and driving—but that didn’t stop him from getting into his friend’s truck and taking off. He was already drunk by four in the afternoon.

In the process of the twisted metal and shattered windows, her car spun backwards into the vehicles behind and then came to a stop.  She was awake. She remembered people coming and consoling her. One person was able to get into the passenger’s seat and he held her in his arms to calm her. She could see the man that hit her get out of his truck. He was uninjured but could hardly stand he was so drunk. In a single moment, a single blink of an eye, her life was altered. Changed. Severed.

The day she lost her arm was the day the music became locked inside her...  


Life becomes like a playground of play, fall and get up. We take risks when we climb. We take risks when we open ourselves up and give of ourselves to others. We have accidents. We become vulnerable. Our lives become vulnerable. We all do it. 

The tough part is trying to figure out the lesson when things go badly. What have we learned from it? What “God lesson” have we learned? How does God heal us, how does God give us back our wholeness, how can we find our innocence after it is lost? 

At the end of the day and when you look back on life, what will stand out? What kind of impact will you have had on your life? What legacy will you leave for your children? How will your life impact the world that you will leave behind?