Part IIi: The Epilog

The God Process is the journey that we all are on.

My focus in Part III is to explore the deep questions of life...    

If you knew now what you were going to experience in death, would you live your life differently?” (see also Luke 16: 19-31)

Are you paying attention to these life lessons? 

What kind of an impact have you had on your life?  Is the “who you are”, the person that you want or hope to be? 

If you fail in this task of love, and if  this task of love is ultimately the lesson that God is trying to teach you, then what does that mean in death?  

The following is from a passage in Part III...


There is a spectrum to life. There is a polarity to life; light and dark, good and evil, humanity and inhumanity, selflessness and selfishness, patience and impatience, hope and despair, living and dying. You see, God doesn’t have an impact on us if we are blind to His presence, and yet—unknowingly—the essence of God is at play in everything we do. What changes us is people, by what people either do for us or do to us. What changes us is what we either do for, or to others.


The purpose of Part III is to bring closure on The God Process and The Message. If this book is going to have an impact on your life, it will not come from the words that I have written. Rather, it will come from your own encounter with God. It will come from seeing the miracles that have already happened in your life.  Miracles happen when we see how God has weaved His magic through those events that have changed us, shaped us and molded us.   



The Epilog... explores the eternity of life.

The picture at the top of this page of a young lady walking down a path into the light is both symbolic of transition from this life to the next and it also has a story of another one of life's miracles.  For readers who struggle with loss, this story might brighten your thoughts. 


In December 2016 my sister, Zella, lost her daughter Lilly (my niece) . She was 25 years old. Her departure was sudden and unexpected. Loss of our loved ones leaves a void, difficult on so many levels. Two days after she passed, this photo (the photo at the top of this page) showed up as a screensaver on my sister’s desk top. The young lady in the photo was not her daughter, yet it looked like her. What is even more amazing is the camera she is holding. The camera is a little “old school”, probably a Pentax. Lilly’s grandmother (my mother, her photo is on the page under "The Journey") passed away many years earlier and she lost her life in an avalanche (that story is in the book). They found her buried 3 feet under the snow holding a Pentax camera. That camera became forgotten and we didn’t know what happened to it. The next morning, after the screensaver shot appeared on the desk top, this Pentax camera “magically” surfaced on my sister’s dining room hutch... Another message from heaven. In these miracles of life we know that our loved ones live on. 

Here is a response from my sister about the screensaver photo:

"I look at this picture every single day!  Lilly passed away wearing the exact same black tuque! Above is a picture of Lilly walking up a very similar mountain road when she was still on this side of life! Too many very real similarities for this to be a coincidence, which still does not explain how this picture ended up on my computer? This was the only the beginning of Lilly's messages proving to us she is still alive! 😇 "