The book



The book has three parts.  Part I explores this journey of life and miracles.  Part II contains "The Message", a potential answer to the great mysteries of our Eternity.  Part III: The Epilog provides the author's point of view on "The Message" and bridges the journey of life with this journey of our soul. 

Part I: The Journey

Part I spans four generations of miracles; visitation of Angels, healing, near death experiences and premonitions that tell us that God is both real and personal.  In these extraordinary moments of our lives comes our lessons, these "God moments" where we rise above to become kinder, gentler and stronger, more resilient.  

Part II: The Message, The Eternal Path of Restored Innocence

Part II is a deep read.  The Message explores the journey of our soul, where the soul learns, grows and, in time, instills the essence of God (love) within. Under the confines of free will (choice) and in time, we look to God.  Each moment in life is like a frame on a movie reel, each frame or moment is captured in the space of our eternity.  

Part III: The Epilog

Part III is the author's perspective on how the journey of life impacts the journey of our soul. The Message is a platform , to explore how God moves in us.  In the space where we ask these questions of the Divine, the great mystery of the "why" and the "what God is doing" comes the opportunity to take us deeper into the "who I am" and how the "self" or ego / identity, shapes us to mold our soul.

To The Reader from the author

 I am but one voice in a sea of voices.  My "truth" is that even a little bit of light adds insight into Universal Truth when expressed in love will allow one to see life from higher ground, and can bring down the walls that divide religions, races and nations, and has the potential to bring Peace on Earth.  If God has a message to all people, it is a message to bring down the walls that divide us.


Does this book have a message from God?

In all honesty, I cringe at the claims of Religions.  I am disturbed by how people think and claim to have authority from God to speak on His behalf.  It was for this very reason that Christ faced the Sanhedrin and was sent to the cross.  Yet, in this whisper he walked with God, his life influenced my life.  All who have willingly stepped into this whisper of God are faced with the darkness of the cross, where people judge and condemn.

"The Message" in Part II comes from the whisper that I believe God planted in my soul.  Words that bring meaning to life should inspire.  Messages that elevate life, will make life better.  I see these messages in songs, cinema, books and social media.  Are these messages, we hear, from God?  Insomuch as we are open to allow words to create a better world, where our collective humanity has an influence on peace, love and goodness, then perhaps God enter's our soul.