The God Process: Memoir of Miracles

A Deeper Meaning To Your Life.

My father-in-law, John Perkins, served in the Canadian Armed Forces in WWII.  He once said to me, "There are no Atheists in the trenches of war."    This book explores some of the deeper questions that many of us ask... The "why" in life?... why am I here, why do I have to struggle, why do bad things happen, why is there war, disasters, sickness and death? What is my purpose in life?  In this journey of life we can become broken, hurt, or lost.  In these moments we look for answers and for some of us, we look up.  That is how the light gets in.  

If you knew now what you would experience in death, would you live your life differently?  ...If  you do not look to the light (God) in life, what makes you think that you will look for the light in death?    

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Kirk S Boote

Kirk S, Boote is a Canadian Author
The God Process: Memoir of Miracles is his first book.

Kirk is a Canadian Author.

"I have lived an extraordinary life.  

Most of us have lived through dark times and tragic events.  People who survive, have a story tell.  In these stories come Universal truths that can apply to all us.

I am alive today, because of a miracle.  I collapsed in June 2017.  In surgery my heart was removed from my body to repair a ruptured Aorta,  After 15 hours in the O.R.,13 procedures and 5 months in the hospital... 

I survived." 

5 Stars (e-book)


This is a book where the reader gets to discover God again and feel his power... Manta Madhaven

Miracles give us hope.  Our life has the potential to be filled with wonder and awe.  When we look up to heaven, something else happens.  We change from within.  In this space of faith, where we pause and consider our "why", is the moment we  ask the hard questions and  reach for help and guidance.  This is a memoir that might help you to see and believe in this reason for faith.


Note:  The e-book only has Part I & III.  Part II: The Message is only in paperback.


If you do not believe in God, this book might change how you think.  If you do believe in God, this book points to Christ as the Son of God.  However, for Christians, this book has content that may not be consistent with your traditional Christian Theology.  


Part of my story is sharing with you a non-traditional message.

This book has Ethereal messages (messages that the author believes God planted in his soul).  These messages speak to the why we are here, the mysteries of life, the Aura, reincarnation and the Journey of the Christ.  

"I know what my faith tradition teaches and yet I also know what God planted in my soul.  I do believe that God sent me back from near death so that this message would not get lost.  To be clear, I have no memory during my near death experience and this book was published before my surgery.  I would love to be able to say that I had a conversation with God, when I crossed over, but I cannot say that."


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